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Disengaging from Unqualified Prospects


As important as it is to engage attendees, learning how to disengage from unqualified attendees ranks just as high. Staffers need to use the limited show time available for finding the next possible prospect, not staying in a conversation because they don’t know how to end it.


They may feel a little awkward at first when dismissing someone. But if the attendee has no need for your product, there is really little point in wasting your staffer’s time or the attendee’s time. Once staffers have done it a couple of times, they will be much more comfortable and effective; it will become second nature. The following phrases will help them make an exit as easy as possible. As always, customize the phrases to your business and have staffers use them in role-playing activities during training sessions to practice using these skills.


  • “Based on our discussion today, it unfortunately doesn’t sound like our company can help you at this time. Thank you for stopping by our booth. Here’s our website in case we can be of service in the future.” (Hand the person a business card or other inexpensive literature containing the website address.)


  • “Thank You for this opportunity to talk today…”
  • “I think I’ve taken enough of your time today…”
  • “Thank you for stopping by our booth…”
  • NOTE: Add specific phrases for your business to this list and provide them to booth staffers.


When using these polite disengagement phrases, tell staffers to give the person a handshake to symbolize a courteous goodbye and explain whether to hand the person an inexpensive piece of collateral or a giveaway item.

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