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  • Characteristics of End Users and Customers


    To effectively market your products, you have to understand the characteristics of end users and customers. Make a list of what distinguishes your end users. The list will be specific to your needs, but the following are a few of questions you should certainly be able to answer:


    • What are their work goals?


    • What is important for them?


    • Why would they care about your product?


    • What pay grades are they, and how do they use your product?


    You also want to understand the characteristics of your customers:


    • Are they well funded or extremely budget conscious?


    • What industry are they in?


    • How do they buy products?


    • Are there any regional differences or regional preferences?


    • Are they all privately held or public companies?


    The more you know about the characteristics of both the end users and customers, the better you can target your products.

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