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by Eli Logan Longview Texas

While researching additional topics for this blog, I came across this article by Mike Thimmesch, Director of Customer Engagement for Skyline Exhibits titled “37 Things a Trade Show Booth Does.” As a previous exhibitor , some of the items looked familiar. A trade show booth generates leads, welcomes customers and displays your products.

And then I saw the ideas that were really genius. Not only because they were outside-the-box ideas on how to use your exhibit space, but because they’re simple, effective and best of all, inexpensive:

  • Host a press conference
  • Host a presentation
  • Provide meeting space
  • Advance the buying cycle

There’s a theme in those four points. They all represent ways exhibitors can repurpose space in which they’ve already invested to boost their ROI at trade shows.

There’s only one problem.

It’s just a third of the picture; actions you can take during the show to boost your return on your trade show investment. It represents the middle of any exhibitor’s success story.

So why not start at the beginning? An exhibitor’s success begins before the first day of the show, with pre-marketing efforts designed to create excitement for your space and drive your customers to your booth.

An exhibitor’s efforts towards having a successful trade show exhibit also continue long after the last day of the show as leads are developed, new business relationships are being built and your company continues building brand awareness.

So can you be successful by focusing your efforts towards one third of the picture? By developing just the beginning, middle or end of the story? Absolutely; there are thousands of exhibitors who experience marginal trade show results every year by implementing this strategy.

But there are a few who understand that without all three parts, the success story is incomplete. So they invest in their trade show presence before, during and after the show. And they experience sales and success from participating in trade shows that the aforementioned companies only dream of.

Here, you’ll find tips, ideas and other information on how to engage your customers prior to the show, drive traffic to your booth, make the most of your space during the show and keep your customers and potential customers engaged long after the show is over.

Best of all, the ideas will be inexpensive (or free) and quick and easy to implement.

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