A Data-driven Case for Understanding the Impact of Employee Engagement on Retention

Reader Resource Apply now to be an Entrepreneur 360™ company. Let us tell the world your success story. Get Started » Employee turnover is a headache for the managers who wind up stuck with spots to fill, but employee departures aren’t just a hassle -- they can also be quite costly. Related: 5 Companies Getting Employee Engagement [...]

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3 Crucial Tips to Undergo a Brand Facelift and Make the Changes Stick

Any marketer that has been through a brand refresh has likely imagined the same nightmare scenario. After a lot of hard work, sweat and tears, you launch your new and improved brand, but it misses the mark. The brand upgrade gets reviewed as just a new shade of blue. The problem is that for most [...]

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A Quarter of Employees Say They Don’t Know Their CEO’s Name

Reader Resource Apply now to be an Entrepreneur 360™ company. Let us tell the world your success story. Get Started » Do you know what your CEO looks like? In fact, do you even know his or her name? According to a recent study, nearly a quarter of employees working at mid- and large-sized companies [...]

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5 Ways to Instill a Company Culture Even When Your Workforce Is Virtual

Company culture is without a doubt one of the top job benefits for employees. Free snacks and good vacation time make a difference, but how you interact with your supervisors and the environment that results from that is what can keep an employee on board even when pay raises and bonuses aren’t a regular thing. But for [...]

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Why Office Communication is Highly Valued and Often Ignored

Communication skills are vital to any workplace, and it should be found at all levels. A 2016 LinkedIn survey found that, according to the 291 hiring managers surveyed, communication skills are the most in-demand soft skill. When employers say communication is a necessity, they better have managers and supervisors who can communicate. Unfortunately, higher-level employees [...]

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What Made Steve Jobs Such an Effective Leader?

On this episode, Entrepreneur Network partner Stone Jordan breaks down the genius of Steve Jobs. And, while you can't explain everything that made Jobs who he was in just 15 minutes, Jordan does examine some of the Apple co-founder's leadership techniques that you can take and use in your own business. How can you get more out [...]

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Improving Gender Equality in the Beauty Industry

Many industries have come under scrutiny for their uneven gender representation in upper management, but the beauty industry has largely been absent from this conversation. It shouldn't be. While the industry’s products and main messaging are principally aimed at female consumers, men occupy a majority of management positions, including at leading brands. When women don’t [...]

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How to Be a Master Communicator

Entrepreneurs need to communicate with investors, marketers, employees, influencers, programmers, customers and investors, among other people. All of these individuals have their own form of communicating, and speaking to them the wrong way could prove costly. To succeed as an entrepreneur, understanding and mastering these different forms of communication is critical. Even if you feel [...]

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How You Can Get to Know Millennial Employees, Build Relationships and Retain Talent

This video is part of a series brought to you by Entrepreneur’s book division, Entrepreneur Press, the publisher of Jill Schiefelbein’s book Dynamic Communication: 27 Strategies to Grow, Lead, & Manage Your Business. In this Dynamic Communication interview, author Jill Schiefelbein chats with Jared Kleinert, author of 3 Billion Under 30, who gives a tip that [...]

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True Colors: What Your Team Members Reveal by Coloring, Yes, Coloring

For International Day of Happiness in late March, I decided to start our day at the office with a little fun. Related: Coloring Books for Adults Are Good for Creativity, and Selling in the Millions Since my company MyEffect has similar goals -- helping companies make connections, pursue charity work and boost employee engagement -- I thought it [...]

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