Bad Booth Behaviors to Avoid- Eli Logan Longview Texas

by Eli Logan Longview Texas


 by Eli Logan Longview Texas

Bad Booth Behaviors to Avoid


Remind your booth staffers that they have eyes on them at all times during a trade show from prospects, competitors, media, photographers from the show, and individuals with cameras. Don’t let your booth staffers get caught conducting the following bad booth behaviors, which I have termed “booth crimes.. Add to this list to customize to your company.


List of Top 15 “Booth Crimes” to Avoid While in the Booth


  1. Don’t leave the booth unattended.
  2. No sitting, eating, or drinking.
  3. Limit alcoholic beverages during show floor receptions and networking events. It is unprofessional to be drunk, and it can ruin your company’s reputation in the minds of certain attendees.
  4. No negative body language such as slouching, yawning, or crossing arms.


  1. Don’t put a table in front of the booth; you want to draw attendees into the booth.
  2. No offensive odors. If a staffer is a smoker, he or she must always wash hands thoroughly and freshen-up his or her breath after smoking.
  3. Always smile and look at the prospect you are speaking with. Don’t look over the prospect’s shoulder for a better one; disengaging the conversation is more professional if you find that the person is an unqualified prospect.
  4. Don’t get involved in long conversations with fellow booth staffers; stay focused on prospects. If a prospect sees you already involved in a conversation, he or she may walk past the booth.
  5. Don’t spread rumors or make negative comments about competitors. Point out that you both offer good products; however, the benefits of your product are [start mentioning competitive advantages].
  6. Don’t talk or text on cell phones in the booth; they should be put away during booth duty hours.
  7. No gum chewing.
  8. Don’t be late for your booth shift.
  9. Don’t let the booth get disorderly and unorganized. Look around every so often, organize the booth, and throw away any garbage.
  10. Don’t offend by telling off-color jokes or cursing.
  11. If there is something you are unsure of, try to find the right answer from a fellow booth staffer or tell the prospect that you will follow up with him or her. Never make something up.


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